Old Forge Inlet Circuit

3 Nights/2 Days

Explore the waters and woods of the southern half of the Fulton Chain of Lakes!

From $620.00/person, single occupancy
From $665.00/two people, double occupancy

Price includes:
Three nights of lodging
2 days of gear transport

Photo by Johnathan Esper | Wildernesscapes Photography

Paddle from Old Forge to Inlet across the first four of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and make your way back to Old Forge the next day with your boots or your bike!

The 3-night, 2-day Old Forge Inlet Circuit consists of one day of paddling and one day of either hiking or biking. Enjoy the varied architecture of the homes and camps along the shore as you paddle First through Fourth lakes from Old Forge to Inlet, where you can treat yourself to fine dining at the Woods Inn or the Seventh Lake House. Or feast on some of the best pizza in the Adirondacks at the Screamen Eagle. Top off your day with an ice cream or tasty gelato at the classic Northern Lights Creamery in the heart of the hamlet.

Hikers travel 13 miles on the way back to Old Forge, including climbs up Rocky Mountain and Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain with their expansive views of the lake country traveled the day before. Bikers cover 15 miles on the TOBIE trail with the option to add another 6.5 miles by looping through Thendara and visiting Elise Lookout. Bikers also have the option to hike up Rocky and Bald mountains along their way to Old Forge.

Plan to spend an extra day in Old Forge before or after your trek to enjoy all this bustling village has to offer, including mountain biking and the scenic chairlift ride at McCauley Mountain or the spills and thrills of over 50 rides and attractions at Enchanted Forest Water Safari, New York’s largest water theme park.

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Photo by Johnathan Esper | Wildernesscapes Photography

Old Forge

Arrive in Old Forge.

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Welcome to Old Forge, the southwest gateway to the Adirondacks!





Paddle approximately 10.5 miles from Old Forge to Inlet. Be aware of motorboat traffic along this stretch. Enjoy the varied camp architecture along the lakeshore. Lodge in Inlet. Delight in fine dining at the Woods Inn or catch a ride to the Seventh Lake House. Treat yourself to an ice cream or gelato at Northern Lights Creamery right in town and check out the sunset at Arrowhead Park!

Old Forge

Hike or bike back to Old Forge. Hikers travel approximately 13 miles from Inlet to Old Forge, going up and down Rocky Mountain and over Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain along the way. The first portion of the hike is on the TOBIE trail. Bikers travel approximately 15 miles from Inlet to Old Forge on the TOBIE Trail, with the option to also hike Rocky Mountain and Bald Mountain. Bikers also may opt to take the extension through Thendara, stopping at Elise Lookout along the way. Enjoy dinner at the myriad of restaurant options in Old Forge.

Old Forge

Before heading out, grab a hearty breakfast at Walt’s Diner, voted “Best Breakfast” by Adirondack Life readers. Or treat yourself to quality coffee and some tasty pastries at the Wisk Baking Co. Better yet, plan to spend an extra day or two in Old Forge to hit the mountain biking trails at McCauley Mountain and enjoy the rides and attractions at Enchanted Forest Water Safari!

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Route Highlights:

  • Four lakes: First Lake through Fourth Lake of the Fulton Chain of Lakes
  • The variety in architecture of camps along the shore
  • Fine dining at Misters Bistro in Old Forge and The Woods Inn and The Seventh Lake House in Inlet
  • Pizza at the Screamen Eagle, voted the best pizza in the Adirondacks by Adirondack Life readers
  • Hikes up two peaks with great views: Rocky Mountain and Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain, with its fire tower
  • The TOBIE bike trail

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Call us at (518) 354-5109 or Joe at (315) 657-1320 to book your trip!

Did you know that…


  • On a clear day one can see Mount Marcy from the Bald Mountain Fire tower?


  • Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge is the largest water park in New York State?


  • Seventh Lake has the greatest maximum depth of all the lakes at 87 feet and Second Lake has the greatest average depth at 51 feet?

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